Is value investing dead? Contrarian investors say no!

Value investing poor rate of return versus MSCI World well for a lack of a better word, unprecedented modern history; both in its duration and scale, and contrarians are now in the position of having to make a tough choice. Chase momentum stocks in tandem with the pack or diverge and go after value plays.  If you examine the record going back to 2006, value investing has underperformed the MSCI world index by over 30%; a full 2 standard deviations below the norm. Is value investing dead, the answer is no as there are a wealth of opportunities out there, for the astute investor willing do a little bit of homework.However put the contrarian investors strategy into play; buy when the masses panic and sell when they are happy. Based on these quotes value investing may be dead but it could The U.S. stock market is showing the biggest divergence between cheap and pricey stocks since the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, as investors chase the performance of companies with rising earnings. Val…